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You bring up a bunch of really good points about the yard you visited in Utah, most of which I agree with. I thought I'd do some comparative shopping just to see what PNP charges for a CV Joint, but couldn't find them listed on their parts pricing inventory. PNP did have transfer cases listed, but only for a 4x4 and it was $130. I also found it interesting you were allowed in the yard. There are about a dozen yards in Columbus, OH and only one actually allows you in the yard and you are accompanied by an employee. That is why the PNP here is busy during the week and swamped on the weekend. I honestly believe the industry is in the beginning stages of a roll-up, much as you saw Staples do in office supplies and Waste Management in trash collection. I think all the Mom & Pop players will either get bot out, have to assume the PNP, et al, model, or they'll go under. As TnBob & mbzman mentioned elevating cars has become the standard, not the exception. I'm an investment adviser so I was aware of LKQ, but unfortunately not a shareholder. It's had a nice run. Hopefully you took advantage of your knowledge of the company. BTW, nice write-ups on the removal of the various parts. They have been printed and placed in my parts removal file. Thanks!
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