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I want to thank pmizell on his support for the removal of the fan blower and if anyone is interested and needs to access their blower motor on a w124, try looking under the author "anthonyb" for another procedure.

Status: the blower is now sitting in my hand and it took less than 1-1/2 hours to remove. Bearings and brushes for sure and maybe I need to get the commutator rebuilt, looks to have worn about 1/16". Total cost locally is $40 for the brushes and bearing, about $100 for the commutator. Canadian dollars actually.

I will get it repaired tommorrow.....hopefully the install will be just as quick. Only managed to lose one screw and on screw-nut.

Thanks for all your help.


PS..I'll try an remember to take pictures during the installation. Completely forgot about it during the dissassembly.
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