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Mr. Rogers, Badinfo,

So tell me, do you have electricity in your homes? If so, then your usage is what keeps the coal fire elec. plants fired up. If you are 100% solar electric powered, as my house is, then you are part of the solution.

It is arcaic thinking such as yours that have caused crowded freeways, poverty, wars etc etc.

However, your ploy to divert from the real issue I addressed, the disconnection of an air pump, is transparent. I stand by my previous opion concerning this issue. Disconnecting, unplugging or removing a part of any mechanical device is not a "fix" it is what someone does who cannot figure out what is really wrong with it. Personnaly, I dont care what you do.

When I first started veiwing this web site,I thought it was devoted to intelligent solutions for real problems that MB owners encounter, about 98% of it is.The rest is shade tree mechanic "fixes".

Two more comments, then I'll shut up, mentioned the pollution caused by the 3 minute start up without the pump and how thats not much, well that is sound thinking , if yours is the ONLY car in the USA, however, with 640 MILLION cars in the US as of 1996, yeah, disconnected air pumps ARE an issue.
2. Argueing with an inspector is like watching a hog wallow in the mud, pretty soon, you figure out he likes it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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