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I am having some trouble with my sunroof that is kind of wierd. When I open it it opens all the way smoothly, but when I go to close it, it will close about 1/3 of the way, then hitch and make a grinding noise, then go to about 2/3 and stick there. If I press the button forward it wont move, but if I tilt the button up (as if I am tilting the rear half up) then it will finish closing, although very slowly and stubbornly.

Prior to this the sunroof worked perfectly. One other thing, the right rear corner sags down a bit, it didnt do this before.

My guess is either 1) There are 2 hydraulic units on either side of sunroof and the one on the right is gone, or 2) That right side is somehow off track. When it does move it moves very smoothly, especially when opening.

Also it will not tilt up in the closed position at all unless I give it a push. Previously it tilted up no problem.

I have been told that getting to the sunroof for repairs is very difficult. Whats your opinion? Is this something I may be able to fix myself? If not how much should I expect to pay just to get a diagnosis and estimate from a dealership?

Thanx much for your help.

BTW it is a 1987 300E

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