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Well, my Benz passed the IM 240 emissions test with .1 grams/mile HC, 1.5 g/mile CO and .8 g/m Nox, due to proper maintenance and low miles 87K.
Public Transport in St. Louis? what a joke! yeah sure if you live in the city and want to go to the mall, besides I live 24 miles from work.
I do what I can, and make do. Never said, or insinuated that I had all the environmental answers. Society has been structured by big oil and the car industry so that one MUST have a car, and as stated above, since I drive a low pollution vehicle, I do what I can. When I did live in a city during college years, I did not have a vehicle for 4 years and bicycled everywhere. And look forward to retirement when I will once again have a horse, bicyle and minimal vehicle usage.
I await further comments with eager anticipation.
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