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Originally Posted by junqueyardjim View Post
Well it takes a little time sometimes to get our thinking correct. You mention a "probable" problem with the pilot bearing and forget that the engine with the four speed already has a pilot bearing. If you use the other engine, the one with the autmatic, that is an 81 I believe and the 81 617 will present no problem. Only the 85 built 617's have a slight problem, easily resolved by putting the pilot in the freezer overnight and tapping it in. A "cursory" look at the Russian EPC shows the same driveline between the W123 sedans and wagons. If you wish to look at all components on your cars, look and pick them from this page. Index to Mercedes EPC Parts Info and Diagrams | Everything Benz
Thanks for the help guys, The car receiving the 4 sp.manual will be the 1980 300TD that the previous owner swapped a turbo motor into. This car was originally a non turbo car. I was and am still not 100% sure what year that previous owners donor motor is from, but as you say I have not thought this through entirely. Your comment did make me think to compare at least the motor to the one we have in our other 85 wagon. That has enabled me to discern at least that this motor in the 1980 model is probably not an 85 since it does not have the electrical connector on the injection pump, nor does it have the thing on the turbo like the 85 I should be free and clear of any forseen problems with the pilot bearing. It seems from the info. that the driveshaft will work and I assume the pedals and master/slave will bolt in.

The only thing left to consider is the shifter.....will the manual shifter bolt into the hole that has the auto shifter right now or will that need modification? Also wondering about speedo cable?

When I got the 1980 300td the p.o did not have the turbo motor swap complete so I had to finish it. The donor motor was swapped in with whatever trans came with, so it had the electronic 1980 came with a cable speedo. I noticed that the cable was left in place and the end was taped up....will that old auto speedo cable work for the manual trans?
I'll try to take some pics of it when it gets here.
I am excited at this being a bolt in swap.
Is there something tricky with the starter aspect of this swap? Is the starter the same between auto and manual cars? Hard to access?

I would love to get a new clutch kit for this but unfortunately funds are slim and I need to get this car working again so I can go back to school, unless it is trashed entirely.

I was reading somewhere that a mustang clutch disc might work in this application. Anyone else heard that? I just happen to have a Ford Motorsports SVO racing clutch in my crashed 88 5.0 that had only like 1500 kms on it when the car was crashed. I think it is a borg warner t5 5 speed in that.

T Walgamuth...I''ll keep your lenses in mind and when the car gets here I'll show pics of the lights to figure out if they will work, cause there are apparently two different styles of euro lens??? So maybe if the lenses come off the housing, then it does'nt matter as long as I have the main body of it in good shape?
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