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Maaybe 50 bucks is do-able for new clutch material... then would the flywheel necessarily need to be surfaced? This is a good idea for my budget,at present. I'll try to find such a place in the nearby city. Thanks.

I quickly looked it over for the usual euro goodies and it still has the manual climate controls and window cranks that work very well. Euro-Bumpers are kind of rusty in spots and missing the rubber accesories that wrap around the back, if there is even suppossed to be any. The carpets and seats are in surprisingly good shape considering how rusty the floor boards are...Quite a bit of body panel rust and someones prev. attempt at body filler that is showing it's exposure to the elements up here.

Maybe what is left after the powertrain swap, could be used to resurrect the 79 300d that has been neglected and robbed of odds and ends, since my station wagon obsession took over.. I could use those manual climate controls and ditch the evil servo that is in it, although the servo looks to have been replaced recently with a brand new dealer servo (still has the stickers).

This euro car will likely if not certainly never see the road again...unfortunately, it is too far gone with rusty floors and what-not...its a stripper!

I was pleased to finally see a euro m-pump in person for the first time, although I am not sure if that would be better or even usable in these turbo motors I have. Would the euro pump give me more power or is that strictly a desirable piece to have if sending it out overseas for bigger

That's really all I have to say about this subject as if it was'nt longwinded already. I think I have asked all the questions and bragged about it enough, now, and will get back to it with pictures when the car gets here. I am sure thankful for the bit of luck in finding one of these rare birds up here. In my area of Canada they are'nt plentiful in the North American version, let alone a 4 sp. grey market Euro unit from the fadderland.

The ad just said three Mercedes for sale, I had to grill the guy to find out what he had, I guess it does'nt hurt to follow up on ads sometimes. Nice guy too, his whole family helped us load it. His father snowblowed the car out a week prior to us coming with a broken ankle. Thanks Gramps.
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