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Originally Posted by Walkenvol View Post
Obviously your existing axles won't mate up to it so you can't R&R with your existing diff. Not sure if the axle flanges on the diff will swap between the 2 diffs although I know they don't swap between the large and small case diffs from experience. You can however get the entire rear subframe and it will swap over. If you go this route make sure the rear half of the drive shaft is the same or you might have to swap that over also.

You might want to keep looking.

I think my axles WILL work with this diff, I just thought it was unusual how large the flanges were, but I think the bolt pattern diameter is the same.

Im going to measure and go ahead and get it out of that car at least to further inspect. I have a feeling that different years or manufactures may have had varying styles like we see here. They are both small case diffs, and the axles are very similar as well.
I noticed this with wheel hubs on BMW E30s, different early bodies had different thickness hubs for no apparent reason other than possibly different manufacturers.

We shall see.
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