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Re: Leave the little guy alone. Go Macro!

Originally posted by Steve Gutman

If the government and citizens were interested in reduced emissions they would apply CAFÉ and emissions standards and to SUVs. V-10s and all the huge vehicles would be less popular but they are not.

Steve [/B]
I agree wholeheartedly to the above statement, the sad environmental situation we are in is a very complex problem with no complete answers, except, we do what we can to reduce. from our data approximately 67% of the citizens are NOT interested in emissions reduction, I speak to 10-30 people per day who could not care less. What are they concerned about? Paychecks, Sports games, TV, movies.

Can we all say " conspriracy"?

My favorite quote, and the one that gives me hope:

parenthesis are mine-

" The meek will inherit the (new) Earth"- Jesus Christ

Merry Christ-mass and a Happy New Year
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