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Talking WW sensor diagnosis and repair

The conversation went something like this :
Black Pearl , aka Liz "The windshield washer light is on in my car "
KB "Are you sure it's the windshield washer and not the radiator ? "
BP "It's a picture of a windshield with two streams of water , I don't think that would be the rad " says she condescendingly ,"probably needs fluid ."
KB "It's over half full , it's probably a bad connection or maybe the sensor , I'll check it out . "
MB home tech springs into action and pops the hood on her 300CE , to find the washer reservoir half full of washer fluid . Must be a bad connection , so I pull the connector apart to find a small amount of corrosion , clean it with fine sandpaper and a spray of electrical cleaner , plug it back in and test the light . Dang , still on . Must be the sensor , gently pull sensor out of reservoir , take to bench and test with my DMM . Works fine , hmmm , take sensor over to car and mentally note that the sensor length and fluid level are pretty close . Add a litre of WW fluid , check dash light , success
Moral of the story - KISS
Merry Christmas my Teutonically challenged friends
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