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84 380 SE - High fuel consumption and not the best warm start

Here are some symptoms in my '84 380 SE:

1) High fuel consumption

2) Starts at the flick of a switch in the morning. But when warm, it takes a couple of turns of the engine - not terribly bad though.

3) Once in a while, when warm, if I let go of the ignition immediately when starting, it seems that the car wont start but then it kind of "catches up" and starts

4) If I am trying to warm up the engine at 1000 rpm or so, it seems I loose control over the revs and it varies / hunts from 2000 rpm to around 700 rpm. This does not happen always. Normal idling is at 500 rpm.

I really want to ensure that the car does not use any extra fuel. I am willing to sacrifice performance if I can somehow throttle down the fuel consumption.

Any advise on what I should do is greately appreciated.
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