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Question 96 C-280 high RPM at hwy speed? MPG?

greetings, i just purchased a 95 C-280 to replace my totaled 300E, and have a question about 2.8's RPM's at hwy speeds:

what RPM should this 202 inline-6 auto 4-speed be during at hwy speeds? example 55 MPH = ? RPM. 75 MPH? 80? 85?, etc.

it seems to be noticably higher than my 300E was. i drove the car appox 600 miles home, and got about 24 MPG running FAST without AC at averaging around 85-95 MPH on freeways.

i am sorry that i can not recall the exact RPM's, but i think it was around 3500 at about 80 MPH, and was pushing 4000 at approaching 95 MPH. i will get exact values during travels during x-mas trip this week.

i thought at first that i was maybe "stuck" in 3rd, but some shifting/testing proved that i was using all 4 gears.

does these RPM's seem to be correct for the C-280?

i would also like to hear your milage experiences with the 280.

other: i was hesitant about the "C" car at first (after driving an "E" car for several years); but the drive home found me tired, but with a big grin from ear to ear.

the 202 far exceeded my expectations in every way except for the size. it performs GREAT, and rides like a DREAM on 15" MXV4's.
i would like to UG to 16", but if i thought the ride would degrade from the existing condition, would probably stick with the 15".

thanks in advance for any help. - benton in atlanta
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