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nah its fine... a good argument with lots of emotional banter is great. Personally, id like to add that my house is mouse powered, I haven't saved up enough to upgrade to gerbils yet, but when I do watch out! IM gonna be selling my surplus electricity back to the government! Cause the man is trying to keep me down!

Inspector - IS your house really solar powered? Thats fantastic!!! Do you store your power via battery or mechanical storage? And I hope there are no hard feelings, I think you can appreciate a good ole environment "debate" like me

And, just cause I can't sit around and shut myself up like I should... I am deactivating the smog pump because id much rather spend the $300 to get a new one on a 500E rollbar or camber control arms, and I don't see a few of us disconnecting our smog pumps being an issue cause all the rest of america still has theirs on.... And no, there is no "what if" scenario here, the rest of American will keep their smog pumps on...
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