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Hi Martin,

Prices for painting vary all over the map. You can pay as low as $730. for a complete job or as much as $7000. (and possibly more).

The determination of price is based upon the materials used, the prep work done, the skill of the applicator, and the work to sand and polish the finished product.

Personally, I think spending quite a bit of money on paint is a bit ridiculous for these vehicles because it doesn't raise the value of the vehicle by anything close to the expenditure. Furthermore, any paint applied after the factory paint is going to be good for a maximum of 10 years...........probably less in your environment.

For a $730 paint job, however, I would ask to see similar vehicles done for the same price and I would be sure that I am satisfied with that level of workmanship and product. Over here, it would be the very bottom of the barrel and you might not be pleased with it.
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