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Talking Need Maintenance Tips...

96 C280 - 124k: I recently got this car and I have a couple of quick questions.

1.I would like to put synthethic oil on the engine, transmission and axle. Is that a good move? What weight would you recommend? Any specific brands? By the way, I live in Miami, FL so we have high temperatures on the 80's to 90's.

2.Dashboard lights: it seems one bulb went out on the main dashboard, the one that illuminates half of the speedometer and the gas gauge. What is the best way to disassemble the dashboard? I used to have a 85 190E and I remember that I had to disconnect the speedometer cable in order to remove the dashboard. Is this the same for the above mentioned car?

3.What is the normal working temperature (as indicated on dashboard) under stop and go and on freeway? Remember we have high temps - Miami, FL

4. Anyone knows what is the "Rest" button on the AC console and how it works. Unfortunately I do not have an owner's manual. Do you know where I can get one?

Well won't bug you anymore with questions and in advance thank you for all your help.

Happy Holidays!!!!

R. Pertierra:p
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