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Talking total exhaust change

Wrote about my crackling exhaust sound which comes after the initial roar of acceleration like "an afterburner from a F16" and didn't get any response. Didn't used these exact words, but the impression is about the same. Tested 3 similar cars at a used car yard and they all had this feature. Was told its normal again. Took car to my favourite tech and he found the 2 rear mufflers were shot(damaged inside) and the cat which has an arrow on it pointed to the motor, not the rear end(looks like an after market crap). Who would have the nerve or brain to do this? Anyway, I got a whole new "real" exhaust put in yesterday which cost me a "trip to the moon" and it is now a dream to drive. No more of the mean after- burner crackling sound which some said was "pinging" or detonation and so on. Cheers and Seasons Greetings to you all!

1994 C180 Elegance auto 4cyls 16 valve twin cam 1800cc(pretends to be a CLK sometimes).
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