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Originally Posted by bricktron View Post
. . . . my own case was probably exacerbated by this passenger door vacuum problem: passenger door lock - vacuum logic .

I've been in company meetings where there was a vaccum of logic . . .perhaps that thread would help

We just paid $ 100,000 + $10,000 shipping, install , materials for a used 0.8 Megawatt ( yes 800,000 Watt ) V12 quad turbo , 1180 HP diesel powered generator. . . just to keep the shop people working in case the power goes out . . for an hour ( rarely ) . . . This will run 100 homes at moderate loading and 200 + if they didn't run AC. . .this is the height of insanity. . . No one realizes that Y2K happened 13 years ago. . .

" Those leather key pouches are perfect for that. "

Carefull, TSA will take that. . .

" how can one just twist the key from the edge?? "

Twisting the key from the outer edges puts more stress on the plastic so that isn't the thing to do.

Grab the key close to the dash and spread the load across the key. Use your thumb on the left side in the direction of rotation and use your index finger pointing down across the entire key, put most of the index finger pressure at the finger tip. Squeeze slightly and turn.

Picture a key head that was falling apart ( or was missing the head completely) and do what you would to keep it together. In other words if you turned it like the head was gone you are putting the least stress on the head.
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