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So far, Iíve done the following:

1. Replaced 80A Fuse.
2. Replaced Glow Plug Relay.
3. Checked all power fuses in fuse box. All look good.
4. Replaced Fuse again (just for luck)
5. Bought a meter. Obtained MS in EE by reading book that came with it.
6. Checked for continuity between plug and connector at relay (all OK)
7. Checked resistance for all glow plugs. #2 is at .5 Ohm, rest are at about 1 Ohm.


Where does the power to run the control side of the relay come from? I noticed that my outside temperature gage went out after I replaced the relay. Which fuse provides power to it? Just before the glow plugs went out I replaced my Climate Control Module. Is it possible that I have some form of back-feeding problem going on?

Tom Kanis
Glowless in Cincinnati
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