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Originally posted by md21722

The flex discs are between the output flange of the tranny and the driveshaft and the driveshaft and the input flange of the differential. The two halves of the driveshaft are joined by a spline joint - no flex disc. If there's enough clearance, the driveshaft does not need to be removed.

Thanks, but I'm aware of that. I replaced my own. What I meant was NOT that the driveshaft must be removed, but that when you loosen the driveshaft (to give it wiggle room) and then disengage the spline (male part) from the female part, that the tranny end and the rear piece of the drive shaft can rotate independently.

I am saying that it may have rotated and, therefore, be misaligned.

Of course, I am speaking of a 190.
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