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I have worked on these cars for a long time and have replaced many a flex disc. In the part number the 411 number means disc only and the 410 means kit. Each bolt has a washer and the washer always goes against the flex disc, so the bolt that goes thru the driveline flange the washer goes between the nut and the flex disc, the bolt that goes thru the flex disc into the trans flange the washer goes between the bolt head and the flex disc. An old rule-of-thumb says the part number side of the flex disc faces the other flex disc, but does not matter. Where the two drivelines meet there is a slip joint, when doing a flex disc you have to force the driveline backwards to allow room to remove the flex disc. You could damage the support assembly, I dont think thats it. If the mechanic was using a 1/2" impact I would say its probable he over tightened and stripped one of the bolts, thus the bolt would be loose and would cause a vibration. I would also check and make sure the bolts were tight and present at the rear flex disc.
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