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89 260e tranny

I dropped off my 89 260e the other day for what I thought was going to be a reseal of the foward pump in the transmission. It was making an awful mess in the driveway. The shop is an independent mercedes repair facility in Scottsdale AZ. Let me say that the car only has 67,000 original miles and I had the tranny serviced at 43,000 when I bought the car. The first call that I received was to tell me that the torque converter had an unusual amount of play in it and that it could prove problematic in the future. I told them tohave it rebuilt since it was out of the car already. Today I receive another call to tell me that the front pump was removed to reseal but that a retaining clip or circlip had broken in half and caused excessive wear to the clutches. Now we are talking overhaul to the tune of about $2000.00. I have used this shop before and they have a good rep. He has asked me to come in so that he can show me the damaged parts. Does this sound fishy? I'm really disappointed in the amount of maintenance ($) this car has required with having so few miles. Please chime in with any similar experiences Tom
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