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Given the low cost of labor, why not pay a little more and insist on them removing the bumpers, lights , mirrors, grill and cladding, or do it yourself?

I painted my 560SEL and it took about a day to pull everything off and put it back on by myself.

With new paint, lots of coats is not really smart. I normally shoot three coats of base and three coats of clear. Anymore and I have serious orange peel.

I'll be sure to keep his name in case I need a paint job and am in Oman

Originally Posted by werminghausen View Post
I was there and checked out the place.

The guy Ameed is using Sikkens, a renown manufacturer.
He is offering 2 base coats and 2 clear coats. He is not removing all the parts (bumpers, lights but no trim etc) but promises to make smooth transitions.
He is painting body (silver blue metallic) and bumpers...different color.
body and bumpers for $730.
I have seen some Lexus and the paints jobs are good from what I can see.
He is offering the wheels for $100 on top. Not sure.
I think I'll go for it and done. He is promising a quality job that lasts at least 10 years. But these are just words.
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