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Talking Washer Fluid Pump

This is regarding a 260E.
The wipers work fine, but the washer fluid doesnt. When the switch is pressed the motor is not heard running. Neither do the wipers turn on automatically after 3 seconds like the normally would do when the washer fluid is being squirted.
Questions :
1. How does one find out if it's the motor or the relay ? I'd rather replace the relay first. Where is the relay located and is there a way to check that relay with a dvm ?
2. Where is the motor located, and if the relay doesnt seem to be the prolem,what's an easy way to check the motor ? 260E doesnt have the headlight wipers so the scenrio of changing motors isn't useful.
3. Is there an electric diagram available that takes us from the inside washer switch all the way to the motor . This could come in handy when trying to troubleshoot the electic schematics.

Thanks. !
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