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Unhappy Blower motor 300E,which one to get with or without cage?

The blower fan for warm air seems to make a revolving sound,especially over bumps and afterwards.
Sometimes,it can be stopped with varying fan speed from auto to slow or vice versa.Or temporarily switching it off.
Is it on its last leg?
The air cond is long gone,suspect evaporator under dash.Costly to repair therefore no repair 2 years.
The blower fan,which one should I get,without cage Bosch 90 $ is much cheaper.The Behr is 250 $ with 'squirrel cage'.
If I choose to repair the air cond and replace the blower at the same time,would it be any add. cost to the 10 hours labour I was quoted for replacing the evaporator alone?
Tom 2010 C250 4-matic Sport (Canada)
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