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Ken Downing
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It would help to know what year TD.. But just guessing... Clock.. only needs 12 volts from battery.. Pull pannel forward and check to see if any thing is loose.. Read the fuse panel.. If all the other things on that fuse work but not the clock and you see nothing loose hooking to the panel odds are its the clock..

Tac.. While checking behind the panel.. Be sure the tac is pluged in... if so and it does not work.. there is a relay.. If your TD is a 123 it will be on the passenger side.. Pull the cover under the glove compartment.. on the outside wall.. right at the screw that holds the dash on you will see a relay.. It will have a fuse on top.. be sure the fuse is good.. perhaps the relay is bad... If its a 124.. Odds are there is a cover behind the battery.. The relay should be behind the cover.. its still the one with the fuse on top..

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