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Ten hours is a great deal and should cover the blower also, as everything has to come out and apart.

As to the motor with or without cage; when assembled the end result is the same: a new bosch motor with the same expected lifespan. The difference is the money and the job. Replacing the cages is one of those things that requires technique for at least two major reasons. The first is that the motors have permanent ceramic magnets within. They dislocate and break quite readily under impact; thus NO tapping of the cage onto shaft ... ask how I know this! Secondly, the cages have to be in the exact place so as not to hit the surroundings and in the same light they must not get out of shape or balance as then they will makes some real unpleasant noises.

We always use the motors without cages, saves our customers enough for at least an oil change, but we have had to redo 10% of them over the years do to the second reason. The first one I did, I ruined for the first reason and it has happened at least one more time to one of our techs. As a result we charge for both the labor to recage and the risk.
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