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Dennis "imdji", 91 300D 2.5 Turbo -"Boss"-South
Richard "ROLLGUY", '81 300D-T, or '82 240D 4spd (both with Sanden powered A/C)- South
Jim "Jim B.", '11 e350 Sport (Grass Valley)-South
Bob "Ah-kay" 1987 300D or 300SDL -South
Charlie "Charmalu" '80 240D Soquel CA - North
Chadahar, "Rose" Gen II Euro (1986) 500SEC - South
Buzz, "Dieselchatter",95 300D - South

Will bring Hand Held CB Handi Talkie, Channel 0ne . zero. Suggest you do the same. Used them on a recent drive and worked well for the leader and last car to keep tabs on the gang.
1977 300D 151K (TMU) DB922 Pastel Blue w/Blue
1981 300SD 450K DB753 Astral Silver w/Black
1987 190D Turbo 340K DB199 Black Pearl w/Black
1990 350SDL 190K DB199 Black Pearl w/Black
1994 E320 Convertible 65K DB(9)744 Brilliant Silver w/Grey
1995 E300 Diesel 150K DB (5)904 Midnight Blue w/Saddle
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