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tranny turmoil

Thanks for the response. I talked with the owner of the shop before I ever brought it in. He told me that if it was in fact the front pump; the tranny would need to come out. He said that with the trans removed they pull the flywheel and replace the rear main seal and cover, reseal the front pump and other assorted seals on the trans that are accessible and then reinstall. If that's all they find the total ends up being about $750.00. He did say that it was not unusual to pull a trans on a higher milage car only to find that the clutches are toast. He said that he really didn't expect to find that with my car. Once found he said it was uncommon but not unprecedented. I bought the car 18 mos ago for $4500.00 and in the time since I have put $4000.00 into the car. I have only had the car in the shop twice( trans service and hard start diagnostic ck) so the 4000.00 figure wouldbe alot higher if I would had all the work done. I really love the way the car drives but wonder if a Toyota Camry isn't the way to go. I've got a 1991 Chev Suburban with 167,000 miles on it that hauls 4 kids, trailers, and a boat and has not required near the amount of maintenance. I'm an aircraft mechanic and work out of a toolbox all day; I'm just getting tired of wrenching on this car constantly. The mechanic who's doing the trans says the car will require approx $2000.00 per year to maintain on average and if someone's getting by on alot less then there will be a cumulative effect down the road with some big repair bills. What is standard in the way of warranty on a rebuilt trans done by an independent facility? Thanks everyone for letting me ventl; my poor wife is sick of hearing about it. Tom
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