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Question RPM seems correct, now about your MPG?

thanks all for the help/info on the 202 RPM question.

drive this AM showed RPM's almost exactly as predicted by posters, and as per my further calculations:

60 MPH = ~2400 RPM, 100 MPH = ~4000 RPM as checked on level ground under "normal" loading.

again, on this 200 mile trip, the 280 performed GREAT! this car has plenty of power on the hwy, and rides like a dream on the MXV4's !!!

now, on to the MPG part of the question:

what is your mileage on 202 C-280?
hwy? speed? AC? etc?
city/combined, etc?

i am putting a bottle of Techron in the tank for each leg of the trips over the holidays. it can only help future MPG potential.

your input would be GREATLY appreciated.
thanks, - benton
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