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1992 300ce passenger seat problem

My passenger seat will not unlock the backrest for passengers to get in. If I have the button pushed and the car on but in park, with brake pedal, with car off, no matter what it will not unlock. I suspect a broken vaccuum line to it somehwre. But where to start looking?

Also the passenger door will not enable or disable the alarm anymore. I suspect too a broken connection or somethign unplugged. Where would I start looking for the problem to this? The door does lock and unlock the doors, but it just does not disable the alarm from there. drivers side and trunk work as they should with the alarm. I guess I could throw an aftermarket alarm back in it, but I like having just a car key and house key in my key fob, L(

its a 1992 300CE, 102k on the clock. Car was recently at the bodyshop, and entire trunk was dismantled and repaired, so might be something in there?

Also rear deck was out and rear seats, along with exterior panels ont he doors, and maybe even the door handle, but I dont think they needed to remove that. Rear glass was out too.

I suspect I should look in the tunk first.


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