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Originally Posted by charmalu View Post
I have one question, are we starting this from Santa Monica and all driving up to Lompoc, and the various points are stopping off rest stops ect... as we go up to Lompoc? or is the various points places different groups meet as the southern bunch make their way up and the hole herd moves in on Lompoc?

HMMM...did that make sense? anyway, Iam coming down from Santa Cruz, so either place we can meet up, we`ll just grab a Motel fri night so we are fresh for the morning run.

This was supposed to be a North meets South cruise with a separate group meeting somewhere up North, and driving South together and meeting in Lompoc. There seems to be no interest from anyone up North to organize the trip South, so I guess everyone from the North is on their own. Jim B. usually comes down here from Grass Valley to cruise with us, so maybe you and him can get together and caravan together (unless another Northerner joins in). It is entirely up to you. If you met us at Norms, you would be driving more miles than you would have if you just drove to Lompoc. Still the choice is yours. Whatever you would like to do, it is alright with us......Rich
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