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Good day everyone!
I was wondering if there is a place that I can find a list of items that Mercedes Benz recommends checking / servicing at prescribed intervals. What I mean is something like this...
At 7500 miles (and each 7500 thereafter) you change the oil and filter, lube door locks yada yada yada.
I believe that different service levels / intervals have letter names (a B service for example). I want to find a list that I can print or copy that says service level A consists of all of these items... Service level B consists of all of these items... Service level C consists of all of these items etc.
Since we have two different MBZ vehicles, I have double the interest in keeping to the prescribed maintenace schedule.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jay Yambrovich
1989 300 E
1992 190-E 2.3
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