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Try the Eezibleed

I have been using the Eezibleed to bleed brakes for 10 years now - ABS, non-ABS - it works great, using air pressure from your spare tire to force brake fluid out by applying air pressure at the brake fluid reservoir filler cap. That and a 9mm hex socket wrench from Stahwille which comes with an attached drain hose and a lever to tighten makes the job (almost) a pleasure. (It's in their catalog but I cannot find it on their web site).

The cap fits most German cars, including my 1990 560SEL.

Make sure you deflate your tire to 20psi or so - and don't forget to reinflate it when you are done!

Once I detected leaks in the rubber plugs at the brake fluid reservoir (no wonder the brake fluid was brown), disclosed as a stream of brake fluid emanating through them, so be prepared with a used rag as paint and brake fluid do not mix.

You may be able to use this without removing the wheels if you are prepared to locate the bleed screws by reaching around underneath the car.

You only need one person to use it.
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