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Opinions needed on painting

I know this should probably go into another forum category, but this one has the most visitors!! So here I go....I have an 86 126, painted 904 midnight blue. The front bumper is pretty chipped, and the rear was painted incorrectly a few years back (minor rear ender). So I am going to have them repainted. My dilemma: should I have repainted the factory gray, or spend a little extra and have them painted, along with the side panels, with the 904? I'm torn between keeping it "a classy original" or to modernize the looks, which is what making it monotone does in my opinion. I'm not selling the car, so resale doesn't matter to me. The only real disadvantage I can think of, is if my paint is aged enough to where the bumpers and side panels would stick out, so to speak, because the paint is newer. My paint is oxidizing in a few places, but it is not in bad shape at all. I am going to do a paint restoration of sorts using the entire Zaino system (from clay bars up) that might reduce any difference in shade. So you can see there is a lot on my mind with this, but I need to make a decision! Any opinions? Please?
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