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Originally posted by Bruce B
Hey BlackMercedes, just be careful out there when you get to "zooooooom" in the spring. Many drivers out there don't pay enough attention to their driving. Does that bike come with a side-car, I might consider riding shotgun (literally) to help watch your back.....
Though I have been without a bike for some years, I am a pretty decent rider. I raced motocross professionally for Honda years back, and did a stint in 750 SuperBike as a semi-pro. My last street bike was a Honda CBX punched out with big cams, flat-slide carbs (all six!) inverted fork, Cal-Fab swing arm and Marzhocci (sp?) shocks. The beast made close to 170 ponies and could break into the high 9's at 145mph. It would loft the front wheel at 60mph.

I don't plan to ride the new putt-putt in city stop-and-go. Purely a way to get to and from the mountains.
John Shellenberg
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