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A positive dealer experience

Happy Holidays!

I dropped by Mercedes-Benz of Omaha today to pick up a part and some new fuses (planning to replace all of 'em since my car is approaching the 10-year-old mark.) Just wanted you all to know that sometimes a dealership can be your best ally. I sheared off the rubber bumper which holds my air cleaner down. I dropped by the dealership to get a new one. The computer didn't give a part # for this. The parts man eventually took a picture of my old bumper and faxed it to MB headquarters, where they researched it and eventually sent me the correct part. I know for a fact the local dealer made at least a half-dozen phone calls to try to track down this $8.00 part. A lot of work for not much profit!

I know many of us complain about service at MB dealerships, so just wanted to pass along a success story.
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