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Before you pull the current head put the timing mark on the crankshaft at zero. If the lobes on the first cylinder of the camshaft are generally pointing upward you are where you want to be.

If the lobes are pointing downward rotate the crank one turn. Then the cam lobes will point generally upward. Before you install the replacement head have the cam sprocket pointing to it's mark. You cannot rotate the camshaft to acomplish this later as the engine is an interferance engine and the valves would hit the pistons.

Doing the above keeps the injection pump on the right stroke.

I agree that doing a valve job on the head and checking it for cracks is the best. Sometimes though an individual just does not have the funds or wishes to put that much money into the job.. I am not sure why valve jobs are as expensive today as they are.

Personally I would not try to manhandle the camshaft while pulling or installing the head. Sounds like a potential nightmare although anything is possible I suppose. Marking the chain and sprocket should be more than adaquate.
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