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Yeah, I know what you mean!

On first inspection, the following will need doing,

Brake disks, pads, hoses - a new set of pads are in the car
Fuel pump needs to be freed off - worst case, replace / rebuild
Gearshift bushes replacement
Seatbelts for rear
check rear compensator spring - rear is low.....

Paint needs a desperate clean / wax
3-4 small blisters to deal with - 1 x door corner, 1 sill end,
Some of the wheel arches have been repaired in the past, would not know it from looking at the car, but they feel thick when inspecting (forgot my magnet)
carpets need cleaning, but not wet after 12 months outside
all the door seals / windows rubbers are starting to show age, but clearly keeping water out at the moment,

Pro's are that it comes with a small stash of spares, trailer hitch that could be fitted, other than some minor areas of attention, is very good - spare wheel well, for example, looks like new. also has rear window blind and cool open fan on the rear shelf.

I think I could get it down a little more, maybe to $4 or even $3.5, as the history is patchy, and it has at least 190Kms on the clock.

I am sorely tempted.....
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