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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
You can't get into a lowball fight if you offer up the first price and the price is high. If the buyer gives you a price that is 50% of your just smile and walk away. He already knows why.

Start high...........come down slowly while talking the vehicle up as much as possible.
I had priced it at 3500 expecting to negotiate to the high end of the 2k range based on the sales of similar cars Id seen in my research. This guy came and looked at the car, drove it around, found nothing to complain about, and then said "what makes you think its worth this much?"

"because every other car just like it sold for that much at least with that mileage and condition" was the answer, and he seemed to think I would come down to under a thousand if he complained long enough. Wasn't necessarily a negative interview though. Eventually he left and we shook hands. I told him to go buy a 150k to 200k miata for that price with iffy paint but otherwise good.
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