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Excuse me

Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
A .. . Umm . . You are asking for and deserve any abuse you get from someone given the train of posts listed below. My comments below.

Originally Posted by whunter View Post
Post 1

I have been out driving this car many times, and frequently have random people ask how much would I sell it for.

SOLD: 1980 Mercedes W123 240D China blue
Usually I say $3.5K, they either walk away or start poor mouthing and knit picking, trying to claim it is only worth $1000.00 USD.
This happened three times TODAY!!!
These idiots where demanding I sell instantly at their price, after becoming verbally abusive toward me!!!
Honestly; Their opinion is irrelevant to me, and I can't see why they feel I should care.
This may seem harsh.
My rule of thumb for vehicle sales:
* If I don't want to sell, quote a price at least three times my replacement cost.
So a random person asks you if the car is for sale, you reply with an outrageous price. This leaves the random person to do what? Of course they are going to pick it apart. If you don't want to sell, don't tell the person that you are willing to sell the car!

Cars priced 3X over realistic value on Craigslist have their own thread on this site. . .

Originally Posted by whunter View Post

Post 15

In each case:
Their concept of negotiating was to DEMAND that I accept less than 1/3 of asking price, while becoming verbally abusive toward me.
Perhaps I am too sensitive, but the key points (for me) are:
#1. This car is my daily driver (near perfect) = not interested in selling below my asking price.
#2. Cursing/abusive language causes me to walk away.

Point 1 from post 15 brings the previous 3X price back to market value.
Point 2 is valid no matter the situation, but if one values their item 3X market, expect some pushback.

Originally Posted by whunter View Post
Post 39

I am not selling the 240D, unless they meet my FLAT price !!!

This is my DAILY DRIVER, I have zero interest - motivation for negotiation or compromise..

At the moment I am BUSY, and unwilling to waste precious time negotiating or building a replacement car.

So, at the moment you are unwilling to sell the car but you tell people that the car is for sale. Why not tell the person that you don't want to sell because you would just have to turn around and buy something else?

In other words, don't tell someone that the car is for sale , don't give a 3X price, don't be surprised when someone pushes back if you ignore the former.
What outrageous price???
Have you read through the thread documenting this car?

Fresh rebuilt engine, perfect interior with new springs and padding, etc.

The current market value on this 1980 four speed manual (condition) as is = $3.5K.
After a few more items are dealt with, the asking price will be $5-7K...

Perhaps I should become preemptively rude = do you see a for sale sign you idiot??

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