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Originally Posted by whunter View Post
What outrageous price???
Have you read through the thread documenting this car?

Fresh rebuilt engine, perfect interior with new springs and padding, etc.

The current market value on this 1980 four speed manual (condition) as is = $3.5K.
After a few more items are dealt with, the asking price will be $5-7K...
Do I don't know the history of the 1980 car in question, I'm only using the info in your posts.

Using your own words from post 1

" This may seem harsh.
My rule of thumb for vehicle sales:
* If I don't want to sell, quote a price at least three times my replacement cost. "

You admit to giving a "buyer" pricing 3X replacement cost, how is that not outragous? ( Replacement cost being market value. )

Originally Posted by whunter View Post

Perhaps I should become preemptively rude = do you see a for sale sign you idiot??


I didn't say I saw a "For Sale " sign, but when you give a person a price that signifies that the car is for sale. ". . Usually I say $3.5K, . . . "

Making a personal attack on a forum member can get your post deleted.
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