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I really don't think it's the PSE, and the 2 items you replaced probably not it. Well, since you already replaced them and it's not fixed, I guess we can assume they definitely weren't it. Would help to know what the car does or doesn't do when you have a failure.

The RFL module N54/3 is the heart of it, and that is connected via a CAN line to the engine control module, I would lean towards fixing the system, as anything that will get you around this would more than likely end up costing more and being less reliable than a properly fixed car.

Few suggestions, if you want to coninue to keep throwing parts at the problem (which I don't support but this seems to be the most popular course of action these days).
1. OK, even back in the day we did have problems with the antenna ring surrounding the ignition lock, if this is bad it might not pick up on the transponder in the key. I don't think the ring is terribly expensive or hard to replace. It is also commonly called the "coil", we usually called it the antenna ring.
2. Easy to try; if you have a second key to try out, the transponder in the key could be getting flaky. If the antanna doesn't fix it and you have no spare key, you could buy another key as a test (expensive key I realize). Added benefit is you would then have a spare key. I can't remember; did you get a new key with the ignition switch or did you just replace the electrical part (the switch itself)?
3. One "free" thing, is I know there was a bulletin on one of these DAS systems that warned about owners with a whole crapload (my terminology not MB's) of keys and do-dads on the keyring, because if the electrical part of the key is angled down the antenna ring also might not pick up on the transponder in the key.

Have you ever seen the odometer have the message "start error" in it?
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