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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
There are some exceptions.

If you as the seller refuse to provide a price, I will offer a price that is significantly below what I believe the vehicle is worth. Say it's a $5K vehicle...........I'll offer $3.5K.

Now that a lowball offer is on the table, the seller has only two options:

a) Just walk away.

b) Negotiate up from that price.

So, in this instance, letting the buyer give the first price is an unsuccessful approach. If you are the seller, you walk away without knowing what the buyer was willing to pay. Or, you begin negotiating upward.

A clear example of waiting for a price from the buyer and losing the sale.

Offering up your own price............realistically a much better tactic.

Your only loss in this scenario is if you give a price that is below what the buyer will pay. If you've done your homework, this is a very remote possibility and can be easily dismissed for most items that have comparables. Now, if you're selling a very rare item, where there is no easy way to compare it, all bets are off.
Basically, Brian has it (the sales process) right on.

Outside of a rare exception - I'm not wanting to get into making any offer on something with no sale price, unless......the person truly has no clue what their merchandise is worth or may bring, and is seeking help on it's value.

The old widow with a gem of an old used car may simply need guidance on a selling price, whereas the smirking, insecure or smug seller with no price, is just out there to play games with folks. In the case of the latter, I prefer to let them play with themselves.

The person that asks only for offers, is likely just waiting to beat-up the other's price through brow beating, or, is an insecure/timid individual, not wanting to risk getting their price beat-up on.

Sometimes an individual without an asking price believes they're making an auction out of it to maximize their return, unbeknownst to the buyer(s). I don't get involved in auctions, whether closed bid or public.

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