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om602 turbo build & parts sourcing

So I'm new here. I have been browsing for a brief while but the information I am looking for is still a bit inconclusive. (sourcing elements and sizing for the application)

I have a toyota pickup that I have retrofit with an om602 n/a and have been driving it for over a year now. Runs great. I need more power. I have an om602 turbo in my shop now that I am building in order to replace the n/a engine. The internals of this engine look good.

The turbo I have is a garret from an om603. I'm not sure of the details on it but it has a larger flange than the 602 exhaust manifold. The engine is disassembled down to the block now and I have the Injection pump off. I have contacted a local shop that will rebuild and tune it for $600us. They didn't seem to know much about the elements. I plan on running an intercooler and possibly fabricating stainless exhaust and intake manifolds.

The issue I have now is with the IP elements. Since the turbo is larger than stock on this engine I feel like it would be appropriate to use slightly larger elements. The pump is a PES 5M55c 320 RS 177. Stock on a 87 300d 2.5 turbo. I think that means it has 5.5mm elements? The shop can tune the pump up but I think adding larger elements would still be beneficial. I am looking for experienced advice here. I guess my big question now is where do I source the elements? I can find china made elements but would rather stick with bosch or something equivalent.

It is a street and farm vehicle so it does need to pass deq in Oregon. Will be using bio fuel. I don't want clouds of black smoke. I need power to pull trailers and for off road utility purposes.

With this engine I would like no less than 200hp. 250 would be great. I would guess the drivetrain would handle 300hp just fine.

I hope this description gives you enough to understand what I am doing. Any input is much appreciated.

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