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Originally Posted by skinnison View Post
Excellent info colinccon, thank you! I did not realize the throttle body could be an issue. It wasn't ever with mine. I assume you are saying there is something different about the ASR model? For mine it was just a matter of replacing the coils and it ran like new.

Are you unhappy with the performance of your car with the ASR? He also mentioned something about a switch that is for if you put tire chains on. Apparently it doesn't allow your wheels to spin as easily.

Stupid question, but how do I check the ball joints? I have never had an issue with mine so I am unfamiliar with them. Grab the wheel and shake?

Thanks again.
It was with mine, that's for sure. I believe all E320's have an electronic throttle actuator (ETA), not just ASR. Though the ASR and non-ASR ETA's are different.

I don't really notice a difference honestly. It did help me a lot in the snow when I was in Pennsylvania for the winter, but now that I'm in Florida it never kicks on. There is a tire chain switch that lets you turn it off for a short while like I mentioned above. Enabling the switch allows your wheels to spin.

You should be able to see them by turning the wheel full-lock in each direction. Check that the boots are in good shape. Listen for pops while turning/going over bumps/etc.
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