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Don't know if this is the proper place but figured I would pass this knowledge on....

Replaced my chipped gray grill insert last night...well, while doing it I noticed the neat little pin that holds the star hood ornament spring in....yep..."lets see what this does..." so of course I pulled on it and pop out it came along w/ my star...for the life of me I could not figure out how to get that itty bitty clip back in 'cause needle noses wouldn't fit through the retainer piece's opening to reach the spring hook...solution...40 lb test fishing line looped around the spring hook....pull on the line to bring spring back down and use needle noses to slip the clip back in. whew....

88 300E (plus used to have 72 350SL, 83 240D)
Dad's got a 99 ML320 & 93 300SE...we're a Mercedes family !
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