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1986 16V idle speed....

RE 1986 190E 2.3-16, automatic, 156k miles...

Hi all,

I have had my car in shop for weeks now, to solve an
idle speed problem when cold. The saga is not over,
and plan to report on it when done.

The experience has been quite disappointing, the short
end of it being a latest call from the shop advising that the
Jetronic fuel injector control module in the car is the wrong
part for my car. The part found is:

MB 004 545 2632
Bosch 0280 800 158

I have since confirmed that the correct no. should be
MB 004 545 0732
Bosch 0280 800 234

Thanks Pat for getting me the correct one!

I visited the shop...
By swapping the two controllers in/out, the only difference
I noticed is that the idle-speed, when warm is controlled
to ca.900RPM for with the correct part (--732) while the
other module controls it a ca.1100RPM.

When engaging R or D, I expect the idle to be brought back
to the target level; neither one of the modules does that.
I also have a regular (also auto XM) 190E 2.3 where the idle
speed is perfectly regulated at ca. 800 and is always brought
back to that target when engaging/disengaging R or D.

My questions to you all, please:
1. Can someone confirm, on a 16V automatic how the idle
speed is regulated -- does it drop when R/D is engaged or
does it come back to ca. 900RPM?

2. Can someone find the vehicle application for the part
found in my car? The MB dealer could not find this part and
his suggestion was that it is perhaps for a euro model.
(My car was made for US market...)

Thanks to all for a great forum!

Tony Ander.
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