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Cool done !

Allright . Found the Problem !
Had to take apart the lower part of the driver side panel. Starting going through the wiring harness from the switch all the way to the fuse box. and at one point the wire was actually torn apart. Apparently it was rubbing off one of the plastic parts which tore it. Otherwise it would've been shot.

Before I did that I actually tried to replace the combination relay as well. FYI. the original relay 201-821-00 -47with the digits 00 in it used to be $80. It is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by an updated relay that has the digits 201-821-02-47 in there. that one's $150. Isnt that ridiculous ? All it has is three relays in it . why the price hike ? Anyways I was fortunate because I could swap it from a 190E just to check. the relays were initially the same.

For the 190E the relay has been updated for that car as well and has the digits 201-821-01-47 in there.
However I was told by the dealership that intially both cars had the same relays. For some reason now they've decided to change.

If your dont get any water on the windscreen but the wipers still operate using the spray switch, then the relay need not be looked at since that is operative. The pump should be checked and the wires from the point of split (grey to yellow) all the way to the pump.

Thanks again for everyone's help. !
I'm sure the Shop would've charged me atleast 3 hours of diagnostics charges had I gone to the techs to get this troubleshot
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