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Hi, I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this topic may have been covered. I did a search but it didn't turn up with anything related to my questions.

My family's SL is having problems and all we've been getting from the dealership is bills, more bills and no answers. My first question is: was there a TSB regarding faulty/malfunctioning roof locks? The hard top wouldn't lock down completely a few months back and it'd be nice to have an idea as to why it is happening.

My other question is when the car is in gear (either forward or reverse) a loud ticking sound is emitted from the engine bay area. What could it be? I was looking at the engine block while the car was shifted into gear and the whole block sort of shifted. Could it be a motor mount problem? If it's of any use to anyone, the sound seems to coming from the lower, left hand side of the engine block (when looking into the engine bay from the front of the car).

I would appreciate any help at all, even if it's a wild guess at this point. There's only one official Mercedes Benz dealership here in Hong Kong and they're all a bunch of idiots in my opinion. Thanks for you time
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