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Can't lock fan pulley 124

NEVER MIND.... the home made tool needs to be shaved a's too long and since i can't get a 90 degree bend in the rod...i will have to grind it down to the correct length.. makes me mad... i had another tool...but left it at my condo when i moved

I have to change out my belt tensioner.

Went the usual way with locking the fan pulley to remove the fan and one piece radiator shroud.

I can't believe it...but there must be some sort of aftermarket fan pulley.

NO HOLEs in the fan pulley to lock it from behind..

What do i do...cut the old belt and try to hold the pulley with a strap belt?

I am in a bit of a quandary here

i have done this project on several 124's and always could lock the pulley with my home made tool
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